ShinShinRaku 心身楽 (Mind-Body Relaxation) is a healing modality that aims to bring the mind & body into unification and create a deep state of relaxation. 

Through a combination of gentle & meditative movements, the therapist helps invoke the body’s physiological “Relaxation Response”. This is the physical state of deep relaxation that happens when the parasympathetic nervous system (the body's natural healing state) is engaged. The body responds by releasing natural chemicals and brain signals that slow the breath and release muscle tension as well as reducing heart rate and blood pressure. 

Treatments are primarily based on a Japanese relaxation system called "ashisoujutsu" but also incorporate a range of techniques from both Japanese and western healing arts including yuki (ki healing), shiatsu/kiatsu, massage, facial treatments and relaxation therapy.

The client is able to remain fully clothed as the treatment is performed on the feet, head and face alone. The combination of repetitive movements (gentle stroking, pulsing, rocking) gives the mind a chance to relax along with the body. There is a reason we “Rock” a baby to sleep…gentle, repetitive movements are deeply soothing and relaxing. This means a deep state of relaxation is often reached much quicker than with other therapeutic modalities.



Hi! I’m Lisa and my aim is to help you reach a deep state of relaxation. I believe stress is one of the most impacting factors on our health in this modern world and the best way to combat stress is by consciously practicing relaxation and mindfulness. I’ve always been intrigued by natural therapies and the effects of stress & relaxation on the mind & body. 

Training & Experience

I’ve been trained in Intuitive Balinese massage, relaxation therapy, stress management/consultancy and studied 2 years of a naturopathy degree covering subjects such as anatomy & physiology, herbal medicine, homeopathy and naturopathic principles. I’ve spent 7 years studying aikido (a Japanese martial art based on the principle of relaxation). I was fortunate enough to spend a year studying directly under my Sensei in Osaka, Japan. From Okajima Sensei I learned a range of ki-based arts including two martial arts (aikido & goshindo) and a number of traditional healing arts (soutai, ashisoujutsu & ki-based healing).



I like to individualise treatments by adopting the techniques my client, personally, responds best to. After experiencing a full treatment in your first session you can then guide me by choosing which techniques you’d like me to spend the most time on next session…that way you get the treatment that feels most relaxing to you.










I decided to develop this modality because I wanted to offer people the type of treatment I, myself, like to receive and find most beneficial. I always thought that massage was the "go to" treatment to reach deep relaxation and reduce the stress and tension in my body. I've received many styles of massage in the past trying to do just that.

Yet it wasn’t until I took my first soutai class with my Aikido Sensei in Osaka and experienced “ashisoujutsu” for the first time that I realised there was something out there that allowed me to relax much deeper and much quicker than any massage I’d ever had. Sensei explained to me that he had developed this relaxation technique with the sole purpose to relax the whole body in preparation for the soutai techniques that would follow in our classes.

I find, when receiving a massage, it's often difficult to switch my mind off because I’m constantly aware of what the therapist is doing and the techniques they use seem more stimulating to my mind than relaxing. It usually takes me between 45mins and an hour to reach a point of relaxation that feels deeply healing to me, so I always need to book a 90min massage and even then, deep relaxation doesn't always happen. When receiving “ashisoujutsu”, the repetition and subtlety of the treatment allows my mind to relax much quicker and I find myself reaching that deep state within the first 10-15mins. Obviously everyone is different but, for me, a more gentle and repetitive treatment is more effective and, since my aim as a therapist is to help invoke the natural “Relaxation Response” in the body, I believe this modality is the best I can offer my clients. 

To help balance my treatments, I couple the “ashisoujutsu” sensei taught me with some of the more subtle relaxation techniques I’ve learned through my massage, martial arts & ki training. I also find that being able to receive a treatment fully clothed is not only convenient but quite comforting too, further helping me to relax. My treatments give a “full-body” relaxation experience while only working on your feet, head and face. This is achieved by involving the whole body using comforting rocking/pulsing movements that send ki (chi - life energy) through the whole body. 


- Fully clothed and no massage table required (can be performed on the floor)

- A holistic mind/body approach to healing that invokes the “Relaxation response” in the body

- Reduces stress and stress-related symptoms

- Teaches your mind and body how to relax



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